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Solar On-grid: 1 kWp



Area: 80 sq. ft.

Annual Generation (estimated): 1,450 units

Annual Savingshelp_outline: ₹13,050

🌳 Equivalent to planting 49 trees over system’s life.

Solar Hardware Kit

The kit offers premium brand panels, inverter along with Asterock Energy data monitoring. ₹53,999.

solar panel Solar Panels (>540Wp):  2 panels

High-performance monocrystalline solar panel with more than 19% efficiency.

inverter  Inverter: 1kVA

Inverter with low startup voltage that helps in setting up a reliable connection to the grid.

🌲Environmental Impact

Equivalent to planting 49 i.e., mitigating 31 tonnes of carbon-dioxide from the atmosphere over the system’s life.

💳 Economic aspect

Estimated generation of 1,450 units/year i.e., saving ₹13,050/year on your electricity bill.

  • Estimated generation of 1,450 units/year i.e., saving ₹13,050/year on your electricity bill.
  • AC Wire – High quality copper wiring used to connect the solar panels to the junction boxes and inverters. Available in various sizes to meet system requirements.
  • DC Wire – Specialty cabling designed specifically for solar applications to handle DC power from panels to batteries and inverters. Double insulated for safety and performance.
  • Earthing Rod – Copper grounding rod used to provide a proper earth ground connection for the solar system components. Helps protect against surges and lightning strikes.
  • Chemical Bag – Special salts packed in a bag to be buried with the earth rod. Aids the grounding rod in achieving a low resistance earth ground connection for the solar system.
  • Pit Cover – A durable polyethylene pit cover protects the earthing connection point from environmental exposure and tampering. Maintains integrity of critical system grounding.
  • ACDB Box – Prewired AC distribution box routes grid or generator backup power to critical loads during low solar production periods. Contains integrated safety switches and surge protection.
  • DCDB Box – Central housing for solar wiring and DC components like solar charge controllers and inverter inputs. Allows clean, organized interconnections for optimum solar performance.
  • Lightning Arrestor – Protects against destructive lightning strikes and electrical surges. Safely diverts excess energy to ground to prevent damage to solar equipment.
  • Fire Extinguisher – Multi-purpose fire suppression unit containing ABC dry chemical extinguishing agent. Essential emergency equipment for the solar power system installation area.
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