Polycab Single Phase Solar Grid Tie Inverter

Technical Specifications:

  • Maximum PV input voltage: 500V/550V
  • MPPT voltage range: 50V to 490-540V
  • Rated AC output voltage: 220V/230V single phase
  • Output frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
  • Operating temperature: -25°C to +60°C
  • Topology: High frequency isolated/transformerless
  • Overload protection: Integrated
  • Safety certifications: IEC62109-1, IEC62109-2

Reliable, efficient and convenient to use, these Polycab solar inverters deliver optimized performance for home solar rooftops.

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Advanced single-phase solar inverters from 2kW to 6kW power ratings featuring high efficiency up to 98.2%, IP65 protection and WiFi monitoring.

The Polycab single phase grid-tie solar inverter range offers reliable and high performance PV inverters for residential rooftop solar installations. Available power variants include:

  • 2kW (PSIS-2K-SM1)
  • 3kW (PSIS-3K-SM1)
  • 3.6kW (PSIS-3.6K-SM1)
  • 4kW (PSIS-4K-SM2)
  • 5kW (PSIS-5K-SM2)
  • 6kW (PSIS-6K-SM2)

Polycab Single Phase Solar Grid Tie Inverter

These advanced inverters achieve excellent conversion efficiency up to 98.2% ensuring maximum solar power output. Key features include integrated string monitoring, IP65 protection, WiFi monitoring and 5 years standard warranty.

Power Range

2kW (PSIS-2K-SM1), 3kW (PSIS-3K-SM1), 3.6kW (PSIS-3.6K-SM1), 4kW (PSIS-4K-SM2), 5kW (PSIS-5K-SM2), 6kW (PSIS-6K-SM2)

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