Every person reaches a point where electricity prices start breaking down their wallets. And that’s when people want to learn how to save on electric bill. And the most logical thing to do seems compromising – not using the AC or cooler, sleeping on the roof even. But what if we told you you could reduce your electricity bill by instead of sleeping under the stars? That’s right. It’s time to ditch the old-school electricity-saving tactics and embrace the future of energy. So if you want to learn how to save electricity bill at home and how to reduce current bill, buckle up because we’re about to take you into the world of solar power and energy savings like never before! Dive in!

How People Think They Can Reduce Electricity Bills vs How They Should Do It

“The sun — that power plant in the sky — bathes Earth in ample energy to fulfill all the world’s power needs many times over. It doesn’t give off carbon dioxide emissions. It won’t run out. And it’s free.” Jamais Cascio India is currently facing the harsh reality of electricity generated from fossil fuels – grid electricity rates are skyrocketing. This is why we’ve made this guide on how to reduce electricity bill. But before we walk you through ways on how to reduce current bill, it’s time to address some common misconceptions about saving electricity.
Misconception Reality
Sleeping on the roof to avoid using air conditioning Installing rooftop solar to generate your own electricity
Making the entire family sit in the same room to avoid using more fans and lights Investing in energy-efficient appliances and solar power
Using candles instead of lightbulbs Switching to energy-saving LED bulbs and solar energy
Relying on fans instead of air conditioning Running air conditioning systems on solar electricity
Although it is always a wise man’s call to unplug devices when not in use and switch off lights in unused rooms, switching to solar seems the most effective solution to learning how to reduce electricity bill. When the sun is powering your roof, electricity bills won’t make you paranoid to the point that you will make your family sit in the same room or sleep on the rooftop to save electricity.

The era of rising electricity tariffs

You know how to save electricity bill at home. But did you know that it has become more necessary than an option? The entire country has been hit hard with tariff hikes. Electricity tariffs in Maharashtra have already increased by a staggering 31%. With this rate, customers will pay double their current bill within five years. But Maharashtra isn’t the only state feeling the heat; Uttar Pradesh is set to see a 15-20% tariff hike. It’s only a matter of time before your state gets hit hard by tariff hikes, so the only logical way to learn how to reduce current bill is – you guessed it – installing rooftop solar at home.

Solar savings: the numbers don’t lie

You know how to reduce electricity bill and why switching to solar is essential as soon as possible. Now let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of just how much you can save with solar power. To give you an idea, a solar system can generate 1,350 units of electricity per year per kilowatt. If your energy consumption is 550-600 units per month and your state’s electricity tariff per unit is ₹8, you will be shelling out at least ₹4,400-₹4,800/ month on electricity bills. On the other hand, a 5 kW solar system that can generate around 550 units a month can give you these units for free, reducing your bills by at least 90%. That means your yearly savings will be in tens of thousands of rupees! Here’s a small comparison table on how much savings you can expect by installing a solar system at your home.
System capacity Average electricity tariff (per unit) Annual power generated by solar system (in kWh)* Average annual savings
2KW ₹8 2,700 units ₹21,600
3kW ₹8 4,050 units ₹32,400
4KW ₹8 5,400 units ₹43,200
5kW ₹8 6,750 units ₹54,000
10kW ₹8 13,500 units ₹1,08,000
Please note:
  • You need to understand that these numbers are rough estimates. The power generation in polluted cities can drop down to 1,100-1,200 units yearly as well
  • The electricity tariffs in different states are different. And the cost of solar commodities changes as well
  • Solar produces a different number of units every month. Thus, experts rely on yearly power consumption when determining the right size of the solar system that will be able to cover all your power requirements
Hence, do not hang on to these numbers. We can give you a close idea of how to reduce electricity bill and how much you can save on your bills only after inspecting your rooftop.

Financing and incentives for solar power

We’ve already explained how to save on electric bill and how to reduce current bill – by switching to solar energy. Now, it’s time to address one primary concern holding people back from going solar despite learning how to save electricity bill at home – is solar affordable? And the answer is yes. Solar is highly cost-effective in the long run. In fact, it’s an investment. Looking at it as an expense is an incorrect angle. Just like you invest in gold, FDs and mutual funds, you can invest in solar. And the best thing is that solar gives a whopping 20-25% return on investment. No other form of investment can provide you with such high returns. On top of it, the government offers subsidies, and we offer many financing options for people who only want to invest part of the amount upfront. Please to learn more about how to reduce electricity bill.


It’s time to say goodbye to outdated electricity-saving methods and hello to the solar revolution. And we hope our guide on how to reduce electricity bill and save money has helped you get the perspective right. Embracing solar power is a wise financial decision and an environmentally responsible choice. When you consider the significant savings, the positive impact on the planet, and the ever-increasing electricity tariffs, it’s clear that solar is the way forward. Don’t wait for the next tariff hike to hit your state; take control of your energy consumption and wallet by going solar.


1. How to save electricity at home? Installing a rooftop solar system is the simplest way to save electricity and reduce your bills by up to 90%. A branded solar module can last for 25+ years and continue giving you solar electricity for free. 2. How much energy can solar produce? The amount of electricity that solar generates depends on many factors, such as:
  • The intensity of sunlight in your area
  • The pollution level in your state/ city
These are but a few factors. But, on average, a solar system can produce 1,350 units of electricity annually per kilowatt.
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